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Behind The Scenes: Msnovember on Sheisnovember Editing Script During Video Shoot
Location: Los Angeles
Date: 7-20-2021
During a production shoot, Msnovember is making changes to a scene after being inspired to go in a different direction with regard to the script. She often says that She will follow Her heart and let the story tell it self, so the original idea is always evolving, which is what allows each film to be dramatically different.
Film Produced By: JDG Pornart Studio 
Starring: Msnovember for Sheisnovember & JDG Pornart     

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All About Sheisnovember: 

"Msnovember also known as Sheisnovember (born Lashawn Mosley; November 2, 1990) is an African American/Japanese pornographic actress and former web cam model. She has also written and directed adult films in collaboration with JDG Pornart for Sheisnovember. She is considered one of the most popular independent African American adult film actresses. Most known for Her trilogy series "Step Dad Teaching Me Sex" loosely based on Her real life experiences with Her estranged Step Father and early years in Atlanta.


Msnovember entered the adult film industry in 2012. She quit porn in 2014 to pursue Her education; however, She resumed performing in 2016, signing an exclusive deal with JDG Pornart (adult film studio and adult male actor), and launched Her brand website [1] "Sheisnovember". Msnovember starred in [2] "Step Dad Sneaking Into My Room To Teach Me Sex", which was released on Sheisnovember (website; July 2017). A fauxcest reality film about a Step Dad persuading His young Step Daughter to have sex with Him. Using the excuse of needing to educate Her about Men. Making an effort to keep His sexual encounter with His Step Daughter, a secrete from His Wife, and all of the emotional drama involved.

Career: Pornographic film

Msnovember was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She entered the adult film industry in 2012. Her first scene was in an independent lesbian genre film "Every Body Loves Reeses" with co-star "Reeses" (retired adult actress). She worked as a exotic dancer at the popular Atlanta area strip club "Strokers". A Disc Jockey at Strokers, suggested that Msnovember use Her birthday month (November) as Her stage name. After quitting porn in 2014 to attend college, Msnovember worked as a live webcam model, on the website "Streamate", and as an exotic dancer at Onyx Gentlemen's Club. In December 2016, She announced Her return to the adult industry, signing with JDG Pornart (studio) and making 16 scenes in 2017. Her scenes were with male pornographic performer JDG Pornart for Her website" The latest smash hit being the 2 part mini serious "Step Dad Needed Sex, So He Made Me". Detailing the events of a broken home and a Step Father fed up with His, and turning His attention to his Step Daughter Sheisnovember.

Msnovember Sheisnovember for During Photo Shoot Face Shot Model Session.

Photo: Msnovember for Sheisnovember Face Shot During A Photo Shoot With Yellow Background
Date: 6-15-2021
Location: Los Angeles 

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